an accidental new blog

Last Friday was a sad day.

I found out that my blog and all of my writing had been deleted. Due to an email issue, I did not know that my hosting needed to be renewed and it expired. The hosting company then deleted everything. I was in tears on the phone with the poor guy in tech support. Thanks to some internet savvy friends, I was able to recover a majority of the writing, so I have that to keep, which I am incredibly thankful for. However, there is no way for me to get all the posts back up unless I manually type in every word of every previous blog post from the past four years. Which, obviously, is not going to happen.

As much as it makes my heart sad to not have everything on here, it also gives me an unplanned opportunity to start fresh. I am still dreaming about what that is going to look like. I did put up the recap post from our year of 50 dates, as it is important to me to have it here and I will be referencing in future posts. Other than that, I am looking ahead, excited to have a space where I can share my heart and my words.

Here we are and here we go!